International Package – How It Works

Coolnaira International package is a setup investment package for none Nigerian who are interested in participating in Coolnaira Nigerian base networking business.


★ International package goes for $20 (Silver) and $40 (Gold) as investment upgrading fee. You can choose the amount you are capable of.

★ Any Nigerian member who refers a non Nigerian who successfully register and upgrades his or her account to any of the international packages will earn N2000 – N4000 naira on each person.

★ International package is like all other packages but specifically designed for neighboring countries who wish to join this network.

★ Earning commission on international package is still 55%. 50% on direct referral, 5% bonus on indirect referral.

★ Both paying in and paying out is in USD $$$. This is due to the fact that there are different exchange rate in different countries.

★ International members are to use one payment channel which is online Voguepay using MasterCard and Visa card.

★ All international members must have voguepay account in order to withdraw commission or receive payment. This is because we find it very easy to transfer your earning commission to your voguepay account and you can withdraw your money to your local bank account.

★ To get a voguepay account is very simple… Just log on to and click signup.

★ None Nigerian members can upgrade their account by simply paying online using voguepay or transfer funds from their voguepay account to “coolnaira” account on voguepay.

★ You can read more about for more clarification.

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297 thoughts on “International Package – How It Works

      1. Pls Mr Paul Samson I just came across this beautiful network, nobody invited me so i want u to send me ur user id so that i can register with it pls. U can send it via my phone numbers: 08038898680

        1. why u can’t access ur account, what is the respond u get when u try to login, u should be able to access ur account at any time and even see ur downliners details, let us know your challenge

    1. Welcome to_ CoolNaira
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      What Is Coolnaira All About?
      Coolnaira is a People-Helping-People Online Networking Business where you invest, introduce people to invest under you using your referral link, and earn 50% commission from their investment. You will get your investment fee back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

      Who Can Participate?
      This is a networking business suitable for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. This is because, it can be done at your own convenience, even in the comfort of your home or place of work.

      Is This Genuine?
      Coolnaira is made by Nigerians and for Nigerians. You earn commission and get paid to your bank account. 100% guarantee.
      NO Hype, NO Scam. The people behind this system are Humanitarians. We believe in LAW of KARMA.

      Not Convinced?
      Read Our Promise
      Join In Discussion On Facebook
      See live Testimonial + Amazing Comments
      We are making huge diffierent in Nigeria.
      We want Nigerians to see something genuine in online business for once.
      How Does It Work?
      The idea on is very simple. Every member earn from each members investment.
      When you join now, upgrade by investing minimum of 1000 naira which will be shared by your sponsor & upliners. Introduce at least 2 people who invest same amount under you and get your money back as you earn 50% from each of them. Now start introducing more people to earn profit. The more people who register through your referral link or username, the more 50% for you the more profit.
      Read More Details & How It Works.
      Read what happens to your investment
      View infographic to understand better
      Membership Benefit

      Who Is Behind
      This program is created and powered by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT firm with high experience in both technicality and creativity. The firm provides ICT services, web solutions, web design + web hosting services and pro internet marketing.

      Meet The Founder was founded in March 2016 by Paul Samson under the auspices of G-Cyber Technologies.

      Paul Samson is a Webmaster, Blogger and Infopreneur. Having confirmed so many fraudulent websites which promised to pay members and how… click to continue

      Get Started
      Register Now

      We hope to see you in member area.

      Get in touch with us:



      For Support: Call or SMS: 09055334131 or use our contact form.
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      Add me up if you want to get more details n to open ur account for an assistant …whatsapp no 09026361735

      1. Please Mr Paul.. I have registered but I don’t know how to begin to make payments and I didn’t fill any bank informations for payments. Pls reply

    1. Morning friend!

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    1. Solomon, u can follow this steps…

      1. Register with the link the SPONSOR ID/NAME is “Achievers2016”

      2. Activate ur account on ur email

      3. Upgrade ur account to either
      a) Premium Package with 1000 naira only
      b) Deluxe Package with 6000 naira only
      c) Apex Package with 10,000 naira only
      d) International Package for people outside Nigeria

      4. Invite atleast 4 people to join u in the business, by registering with ur link

      5. Motivate those people to bring their atleast 4 people also

      6. Smile to bank every Friday, when u receive ur bank alert

      That is all.

      U can as well contact me on call /WhatsApp 08062893992

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  3. I ve registered and sent my link to some one to register under me when he tried to register d link which has my username, my upliner’s username appeared instead of my own. Why?

  4. Hello Admin of Cool Naira,

    * Please it will be better if our referral link will direct imediately to the registration page rather than the homepage!

    * It will be good also if our names are not shown, Y because, there are some gurus that knows about cookies, and even though they follow my link to register, they can disable cookies or move to a different browser, some can also edit the user name

    * it will be good, if one register and email and sms should be sent to the new member, letting him/her know again the ways to updrade, the features of cool naira and the bonus of it as well.

    I will be glad if this is look in to.


    1. 1. Its not possible that way, you cant expect someone to click on your referral link and land om registration page without knowing what coolniara all about.

      2. You should not think that way because the same process is applicable to all members. Think of LAW of KARMA

      3. This opinion is acknowledged and we will see to it. Thanks for your comment/

    1. Claribel, follow this steps

      1. Register with the link the SPONSOR ID/NAME is “Achievers2016”

      2. Activate ur account on ur email

      3. Upgrade ur account to either
      a) Premium Package with 1000 naira only
      b) Deluxe Package with 6000 naira only
      c) Apex Package with 10,000 naira only
      d) International Package for people outside Nigeria

      4. Invite atleast 4 people to join u in the business, by registering with ur link

      5. Motivate those people to bring their atleast 4 people also

      6. Smile to bank every Friday, when u receive ur bank alert

      That is all.

      U can connect me on 08062893992 (WhatsApp /call)

  5. I uploaded my payment proof because of doubters.. The moment you stop trying, is thesame moment you close door to opportunities. If you hate trying, opportunity will never work for you. To be sincere i have done many online biz but at the end i will not be paid, untill last month when i saw a news on vanguard newspaper about an online biz that u will invest 1k and start earning atleast 5000naira(25$) weekly. I joined immediately and now to be sincere iam withdrawing weekly. I urge u to try and join now and say bye bye to finicial problems. To register just click on the link below and call me for guidance and remember you can’t join without a sponsor, so use/input “eguchris” as your sponsor id/username. Use eguchris as sponsor. U can also call me for guidance 08181258889…

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    HOW DO I PAY THE ₦1000?
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  7. I am Razak Tekobo.
    username: sammyraz
    I fund my acct tru my Gtbnk Mastercard. d
    moni has been removed from my bank acct
    but my cool naira acct has nt been upgraded

    1. how about now? whenever u have a complain like use the contact us form on the site menu, it could be ur inability to follow due process and instruction thank you

  8. Its time you start earning more money
    into your bank account than depend on d
    Government of this country.
    With just #1000 naira investment, you
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    “CoolNaira Networking Business (CNNB)”

  9. How do I get started? And how will I earn real cash for doing so? I downloaded the app but can’t seem to understand where to start.

    1. ok did u fill/submit d payment detail form on ur dashboard? if u don’t pls click on upgrade and do submit d form accordingly thank you

  10. please my name is Michael familusi, i learn from Dr. Raymond alate, and i would like to register through him pls.

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