International Package – How It Works

Coolnaira International package is a setup investment package for none Nigerian who are interested in participating in Coolnaira Nigerian base networking business.


★ International package goes for $20 (Silver) and $40 (Gold) as investment upgrading fee. You can choose the amount you are capable of.

★ Any Nigerian member who refers a non Nigerian who successfully register and upgrades his or her account to any of the international packages will earn N2000 – N4000 naira on each person.

★ International package is like all other packages but specifically designed for neighboring countries who wish to join this network.

★ Earning commission on international package is still 55%. 50% on direct referral, 5% bonus on indirect referral.

★ Both paying in and paying out is in USD $$$. This is due to the fact that there are different exchange rate in different countries.

★ International members are to use one payment channel which is online Voguepay using MasterCard and Visa card.

★ All international members must have voguepay account in order to withdraw commission or receive payment. This is because we find it very easy to transfer your earning commission to your voguepay account and you can withdraw your money to your local bank account.

★ To get a voguepay account is very simple… Just log on to and click signup.

★ None Nigerian members can upgrade their account by simply paying online using voguepay or transfer funds from their voguepay account to “coolnaira” account on voguepay.

★ You can read more about for more clarification.

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297 thoughts on “International Package – How It Works

  1. “CoolNaira Networking Business (CNNB)” If you are interested in this lucrative business , please drop your contacts… Or feel free to whatsapp me while i guide you on how to go about it. 08100018739. Visit and use autos as sponsor name

  2. HI, please I need banner to advertise my link, my username is kunlaj

    Thanks a million.
    Best Regards,

    1. if u are not convince by the information and members testimonies/proof on the site then we will start singing for you while pple are building their network and earning steady and sure income thanks for ur visiting

  3. I Have Been Try All I Could Just To Register But I Can’t.Please Kindly Help Me Out.And To Even Open Any Page Here Is Not Open!

    1. what challenge are you having when try to register all u need is logon to the site, click on register, if nobody refer u, just type tbest as ur sponsor and fill d form

  4. is it after ur registration that you pay the money or u pay before you can register. an I don’t have a Gmail account but I have a working naij mail can I use it

  5. I think this z ah kind of helping hand.
    hmm.. based on the testimonies and proofs..
    what else lemme switch in jare!!..
    before I forget to mention..
    can someone register without a sponsor?

  6. There are some of my friends that want to register but they don’t have mobile banking app ND they can go to bank either can I upgrade their account from my bank account as if they give me money then I will transfer money from my bank account to upgrade their coolnari account ? Someone should help me our with the question # hi pals pls use (Jenni) as sponsor if don’t have one

  7. this is scam my folow nig I registered and my ussernam and password keep saying invalid please don’t register. if you remove my message here all social media will hear it

    1. really? u are suffering from ignorance, instead of u to cry out for help so we can teach u what u don’t know, i feel sorry for u

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