Commission Analysis

Hello members, if you upgrade your account today, your sponsor will get paid on or before Friday. If your downline upgrade today, you will get paid on or before Friday. 100% guaranty… We are helping each other.
It will be nice if you take action first and let your followers do the same.
NOTE: earn only 10% commission of your payment for server and system maintenance.
Let me explain…
When you pay #1000 upgrading fee to premium, or any other package, your direct referral (who referred you) earn 50% = #500 from your payment.
40% out of your payment is shared by 8 making 5% = #50 to your upliners (indirect referrals).
Take for instance you are in 10th level of a member’s downline which you may not know. When you pay to upgrade, your direct referral in level 9 earned 50%… All indirect referrals from level 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 earned 5% of your payment.
The remaining 10% is for coolnaira server and website maintenance… The 10% is not even enough… This is why we have partners and sponsors who placed ads on the website. This is what you can do too, if there is anyway u can sponsor or partner with us please let us know.
I hope this analysis here will help you to understand better. If you have any question, please use comment box below.
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384 thoughts on “Commission Analysis

  1. Hello my downline upgraded till now she is still a free member and I didn’t get any bonus on her registration. Username is “ogecash” and email is “

    1. how did you make the payment? did you submit details of payment correctly from ur dashboard after the transaction? and pls send us mail by using the contact form as issue like this will not be address on time from this page, so use the contact form thank you

  2. is this a tempting question or what, what package that 20k belongs to among the 3packages we have on this platform? surely u get ur 50% commission from ur downline investment…

  3. Admin i av 2 questions to ask
    1) After upgrading to premium with #1000, what will account balance be including bonus? I am asking this question bcos i upgraded my account this evening and there is no changes as to my acc balance

    2)If i invite someone and the person upgraded his account to premium when would the 50% commission be credited into my cool naira account?

    Thanks as i awaits your response

  4. 1. Can I register once as an apex member or do I need to start from premium & be upgrading? 2. If one of my downline registers as a premium & am paid #500, if he upgrades to the next level, will I still be paid the 50% or 5%?

  5. Can i use my username to register som body without my link. Because if i click register on my link it will just bring out d name of my sponsor. Or is it until i upgrade my account before dat will stop ?

    1. u or no one supposed to see ur sponsor username when click on your referral link, clear cookies from ur phone browser setting or use another browser to open ur link and see what will happen

  6. After paying#1000, can I pay more? And what bonus to I get on it, or can I pay more than #1000 at first and what payment do I get on it?

  7. do I hv 2 pay d 1k first b4 my referral link will b sent 2 me, cos I registered since on Thursday but hv nt gotten any link yet.

    1. u have gotten ur referral link from the very minute u registered u just refused to read information right before u, why? click on promotional center from ur dashboard u have ur link there thank u

  8. Can i use my username to register som body without my link. Because if i click register on my link it will just bring out d name of my sponsor. Or is it until i upgrade my account before dat will stop ? I am using laptop

    1. u can use ur username, try use another browser and log in through ur that will stop or u clear cookies from ur browser setting

  9. Appart from reffering people, are there other /more ways one can earn after upgrading? Are there other tasks too that can be done to earn more?

    1. the no of pple that can register under u is unlimited and ur earning does not depend on the no of pple register under you but d no of pple invested under u that is where u get ur commission pls endeavour to read how it works effectively thank u

  10. obatech, you’re doing a great job here. my question is can I register family members?

    also if I registered and upgraded to premium and have delay of not getting folks to register under, will my account be banned of will it still be intact.

    all the same you’re doing a great job hear, I wonder how people will leave coolnaira and be killing their self with mmm, ultimate cycler or even zarfund.

    am impressed and will start as soon as you clarify my questions

    1. anybody can register under u, family, friends and even enemies cos d number of pple that can register under u is unlimited, ur a/c will not be ban or deactivated. and pls do not condemn any other platform, u can do anyone u are pls with, everyone is trying to double hustling

    1. first, have u registered? u have ur referral link as soon as ur registration is successful, get it by clicking on promotional center from ur dashboard

  11. GoodMorning Legend MoneyMaking….. Yesterday afternoon I make a Payment of 6000naira 2ru ATM Master card and yet till now my Account is not yet upgrading.

    1. did you fill the form after the transaction? if surely have followed the instruction ur a/c will be upgraded as soon as possible it’s not too late thank u

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