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Amazing chat from coolnaira member… See photoScreenshot_2016-05-22-23-43-16 Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-44-29

Nancy after one week of joining coolnaira.comshowoff

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413 thoughts on “Testimonial, Payment Proof And Comments

    1. how and when did u made the payment? did u fill the form to submit details of payment? how abt now, use the contact form if not upgraded yet thank u

  1. Hello sir,pls of recent anytime I login to my coolnaira account and click to check my downliners not always going if clicked as I would love the admin to pls help and check on my complains as am having issues checking them .my username is HAMED.thank u very much

  2. Sir i have pay the money ture mobile transfar. And i have also feel the form. And there give me 24hour to upgrade .but It have been 2day i have never been upgrade . Pls help me upgrade it my username is( buzor)

  3. Hellor sir as complained earlier about not being able to check my downline and av updated my browser which is not the course pls I would love if my case is being looked upon and solved on pls…username HAMED.

  4. Hello sir ,Dont know why this is happening to me alone but I think m not happy with the consistent occurance to the extent now I can’t even check my downlines .if the admin can’t find any possible solution to this being those who created the site.please sir am using God to plead…am an apex member so if its even giving me half of my investment wud leave the business and know av accepted my faith since am not seeing improvement on my profile for me to make business with.thanks

    1. what is the challenge or what is d feedback u get when u click on ur downline? and how do you access ur downline page because u cannot view ur downline without taking some step, if u can access ur statistics there is no way u cannot view ur downline unless if u don’t ve any and the page will open it will only shows 0000000000. u don’t have to give up pls call Tony, let’s see to it thank u

  5. pls, admin, i made my payment on 23-11-2016 via ATM transfer to account number provided for me by my sponsor i.e account name: paul samson, account number; 2061041888, uba bank and i there after i upgraded my account but up till now after the said 24hrs, my account has not be upgraded, pls help me out… my username is “jumah”

    1. did you fill d form to give the details of payment after d transaction? how abt now? pls use the contact form to send us mail if ur member status is still showing free, not in comment page as issue concerning upgrade cannot be resolved on this page thank u

    1. have made any payment? if u have, when? and did u fill the form after the transaction or how did u made d payment, pls use the contact form as issue concerning upgrade will not be address on this page thank u

  6. I am Owolabi. Since I hav join coolnaira my bank alert was just coming in weekends Amt: NGN3600.00Cr
    Desc: BILL PAYMENT- FUNDS TRANSFER –114238– PGA,T,139836094231, Payment.

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